Well done team France!


We already have the first team completed. Nice job!

This is the French team for the Greif Masters 2011:

Greg (Paris / MGM)

Marmousou (Paris / MGM)
Marc Sich (Paris / Apologie)
Luis Davis (Paris / Apologie)
Hugo (Paris / DTGP)
Pierre Adrien – Bidou (Rouen / Broken Legs)
Maks (Rouen / ex DBAA => Hooks)
Lefty Will (Grenoble / Rolling Hoods & Call Me Daddy)
Jo (Lille / Rolling Hoods & Call Me Daddy)
Polo (Toulouse / Poloccitan & Call Me Daddy)

Greif Masters 2011


We are happy to announce the second edition of the Greif Masters.

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