Thank you! Merci! Grazie! Teşekkürler! Bedankt! Gracias! Kiitos! Danke Schön!


Congratulations to the french team!

Thanks you all for being at the first european bench minor tournament!
The whole european bikepolo family for the second time in karlsruhe, was
a great pleasure for us!

Thanks to all of you for making this whole thing happen.
Thanks for the reffing!!!
Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters.
Thanks to marco for the awesome throphy.
Thanks to the Bikepolo Karlsruhe Helping Hands and Orga-Team!!!

Let’s see what Greifmasters 2012 will be….

Links to: results & ranking.

If you made some pictures or movies please send us an email so we can collect them and post here. merci!

update – (not) LIVE!


in due of server-probs we just update the score-/rakinglist three times a day. pardon.



Download the Greif Masters 2011 schedule.

This will be the games on Friday:
13:00 Karlsruhe vs. France
14:20 Spain vs. Karlsruhe
15:00 Switzerland vs. Benelux
15:40 France vs. London
16:20 Italy vs. England
17:00 Benelux vs. Spain
17:40 England vs. Germany
18:20 London vs. Italy
19:00 Germany vs. Spain

All games will be 38min (+ a short 2min breaks between the games)

Saturday night


For those who want to party on Saturday night, there’s a rock-concert at the club Crazy Wave. Free entrance for all players. Just show them your wrist-band.



Bagaboo and Schwalbe Tourney Sponsoring!

more stuff for the winners!
thank you schwalbe and bagaboo

The Trophy!


This is really crazy! Thank you so much Marco Flore from Romabikepolo! Awesome work!

Now the teams will be even more motivated to win the Greif Masters 2!

Watch this movie to see how Marco works!

Best referee award


Before the “Final” all players will vote the “best ref”.
The winner will be the referee of the “Final” and gets this unique “AH310″ cap.

Thanks to Amélie for the cap. Visit AH310 on facebook.

Team colors


And here are the colors of the teams:

Rules updated


Yesterday we finished the rules for this years Greif Masters.
You can have a look at them on the website or download the rules.

Greifmasters 2010 – faces of european bikepolo


Last year Alexander Schindel took pictures of all players at the Greifmasters. Everybody had a sheet to fill out with some information about themselves. Take a look:

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